Designing your album

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Let's get started!

I am super excited to get in to designing your wedding album. To kick things off, here is the low down on getting your wedding photos printed, bound and in your hands very soon!

Step 1: Your online gallery selection

Please log into your online gallery (I can resupply you with your link if needed) with your email address. When selecting your favourites, if you would like to be specific with your album image selection, please only select the amount of images I have suggested below for the amount of spreads you have purchased for your album. You can favourite up to 250 images that you would like to have in your album. It’s a good idea to include a good variety of dancing images and guest shots, so keep that in mind! We won’t necessarily use every image you choose, your favourited images are what I select from when designing the album.

When selecting your images, here are some suggestions for your 10x10" wedding album. Please note, the maximum album size is 45 spreads.

Depending on your package, you are looking at the following:
- 10 spreads (20 pages): comfortably fits approximately 30-50 images

- 15 spreads (30 pages): comfortably fits approximately 50-75 images

- 20 spreads (40 pages): comfortably fits approximately 75-100 images

- 30 spreads (60 pages): comfortably fits approximately 100-150 images

- 40 spreads (80 pages): comfortably fits approximately 150-200 images

- 45 spreads (90 pages): comfortably fits approximately 200-250 images

You are always welcome to upgrade your album to include more of your favourite images. Most couples choose to add extra spreads to their album and as a guide, the price in different sized albums are here. Extra spreads are available at the price of $75 per spread. However, I like to give package deals because I think everyone deserves a giant wedding album. It ends up cheaper to buy a block of 10 spreads, to add on to your current album package.

5 extra spreads - $300

10 extra spreads – $600

20 extra spreads – $1200

30 extra spreads – $1500

I totally understand that this can be a fair amount of money to throw at a wedding album on top of your package already, but in hindsight, this album will become a family heirloom to share for future generations in your family. With a lifetime guarantee, that in itself is priceless. I offer payment plans too! All I require is a $500 retainer to commit to the design, and the remainder can be paid off in instalments whilst your album is being printed and bound and in your hands sooner than you think!

Step 2: Design and Proofing

Now the fun begins. I strongly believe that collaboration is one of the best ways to bring out creativity. Therefore, we work together on the album design process!

What this means to you is:

1. The images YOU want in your album are in the album.
2. You will receive an album design that reflects you and your wedding.
3. We create custom layouts that will fit the images that you would like to showcase.

Now that I have your preferred images, I can start the design process. The design and proofing process can take a few weeks to design and confirm with you. I will design the album based on your desired spreads and images selected. You will then receive the proof via an online link where you can leave comments and give me feedback for your album. We then have TWO extra rounds of adjustments before your album goes off to print!

Oh, and you get to decide on the album cover from a range of premium linen covers, and your names on the front!

Step 3: confirmation and order

Woo! Party time. Now that we have finalised your album design I can send it off to get bound and printed. It usually takes 4 to 6 weeks to be ready, and then I can hand it over to you!