All Smiles Sorrento Mornington Peninsula Wedding

Ash & Dean

Can we all just take a moment to enjoy this incredible day. A day filled with so much laughter, heavy dance moves and belting of song lyrics, and adventurous first looks. A wedding I could only dream of! I love showing this album, and maybe it's because of Ash and Deans gorgeous dog Ollie (because my dogs name is Ollie too) or because it always has an epic effect on its audience. Maybe it’s Dean's infectiously happy smile that shines through in every photo, or Ash's excitement and joy, to marry the love of her life at All Smiles Sorrento.

An epic day of adventure, these two truly rocked. As soon as I arrived to Dean, he excitedly introduced me to Ollie, and I honestly don't know who was more in love that day. Ash and Dean opted for a first look outside their preparation cottage in the gardens, and then headed off the the outskirts of Sorrento for some epic adventure location photos. Seriously, my jaw was touching the ground by this point. I did not have to work hard at all, no that I'm complaining, but these guys were seriously the best. All I needed to do was observe, and capture the emotion and romance that unfolded as they celebrated what was about to go down.

At the peak of sunset, the two met at All Smiles to connect their lives as one. As the sun set, vows were shared, and tears of joy fell down the cheeks of all their guests. But the party didn't end there. The couple were introduced by an epic adventure video by their best mate and MC, a rendition of Survivor, Pirates of the Caribbean and a multitude of other movies that complimented the epic adventure. With a live band producing the goods, the dance floor was filled all night, and I even got down and jiggy with Ash (not myself, the bride!).