Adventurous Couple Session in Flinders

Steph & Peter

Steph and I went to Primary School together. Yes, you read that right. A long time ago! I hadn't had a chance to catch with Steph for a number of years, but it was so wonderful to meet her best friend, and share in their love story together.

Picture this. You're at a new high school, entering year 9, and are trying on your oversized new uniform at the school uniform shop. You look over and see this really cute guy/girl and whisper to your mum how cute you think they are. For years, you're just friends and nothing transpires, then fate aligns after high school ends. Five years on, these two are now planning a lifetime together, with a first home already under their belt, a fur baby, and plans for further growth in the near future.

I am so excited to share this gallery with you all!