The Farm Yarra Valley Wedding

Matthew & Molly

This wedding was featured on Wedshed

"I knew Matt was the one on the first date, I remember after 3 weeks of knowing him, I asked my mum when she knew dad was ‘the one’. She said the usual ‘when you know, you know’. Then she told me, that after knowing my dad for just 3 weeks, he proposed to her.  She said ‘ask me in 1 year again and ill say yes’, so he did and 29 years later they are still together."

This story is one for the lovers out there. Matt and Molly met when Molly was 14 years old. He was the ‘older’ boy that worked at the local pizza shop, although Molly never had the courage to talk to Matt, but she always made sure that she would accompany her dad when picking up Friday nights dinner to see him. Fast forward 3 years and Matt pops up on Molly's MySpace feed and she recognized him straight away, as the pizza boy of course. They exchanged numbers and finally met up for coffee, now, 8 years later and they have never spent a day apart.

A day filled with so much, love, laughter and seriously good vibes at The Farm Yarra Valley. Molly donned an epic gown by Daughters of Simone, with her best friend, and sister by her side all day. One of the most chill, and relaxed weddings ever, the whole day was authentic and free flowing. The Farm Yarra Valley provided an epic romantic, but family orientated reception for the couple, with feasting and plenty of space for an epic dance floor. Molly mentioned her favourite part of the day was when the food came out at The Farm Yarra Valley and they had chosen to have a feasting style seating where we had two long tables and the platters were shared. She remembers looking down both tables to see her uncles talking to work friends and grandparents passing food down to her high school friends, it was so bizzare to see everyone important to them together, when they never would of ever met if it wasn’t for this day.

As a photographer, my favourite part of the day was during the ceremony by the talented Andrew Redman, when the couple were exchanging vows and rings, Matt was so nervous that he picked up his own ring to put on Molly's finger and it took him a good 10 seconds to resister why Molly, and his twin brother were whispering like mad ‘WRONG RING’.


One of my favourite things about a wedding day is being able to share in the couples love story, and document so much emotion and joy. Capturing memories that really mean so much to the couple. What is also really special is being able to work alongside professional and creative videographers, like Josue Films. This day was no exception to joy, and I hope you all enjoy it as much as I do!