Lulu and James, February 2019

When it came to wedding photography, James and I were really looking for someone who could capture our happiest moments in the most candid way. Posing for photos seemed so unnatural for us. We didn’t want to have to worry about where the camera was going to be. So when we came across Ash, her photos seemed to reflect the aesthetic we were after. Her instagram was filled with beautiful shots of candid, raw, emotional moments that pulled at the heartstrings.

Needless to say, when we received our photos, she had superseded our expectations. Even now, we look over our photos and can’t get over how great they are, we are so incredibly happy with them.

Ash has a wonderful, bubbly personality. She was just amazing on the day. She knew what we we were after, and what would work. She didn’t need prompting, she was everywhere she needed to be at the perfect time, ensuring all the big moments were captured, but also all the smaller, sweet moments too. We felt we could just trust her to get the job done, we never had to worry about her.

Exceptionally talented, mature, and professional.