unplugged ceremonies are the best

You want your guests to be present with you, and take in every special moment. There is nothing worse than walking down the aisle to Uncle Sam and his iPad, OR your second cousin and his ‘professional’ DSLR snapping away and all up in your business.

Look at each other!

You aren’t getting married to the celebrant!

Don’t be a stranger.

Embrace, hold hands, and kiss if it will calm the nerves.

Embrace the spotlight. Look at the guests, they’ll be so stoked for you both (AND THEY MIGHT EVEN BE UGLY CRYING).

Don’t rush.

Kiss for as long as you want, don’t race down the aisle, look up at each other, and take your time with your vows etc.



Dance down the aisle, high five mates, own it, the ‘hard part’ is over. These are my FAVOURITE photos, you can hug your guests when you get to the end, and there’s more space for me to capture those emotional moments too!

family portraits

Give yourselves time (APPROX. 20 MINS) for hugs and kisses after the Ceremony. This is where we

get the best candid photos of you with your family and friends as there is a heap of

emotion flying around.

Family Photos are monotonous. Stand there, look here and smile. But, they’re also some of the most important.

Depending on the family size, we recommend 20 minutes for our Short and Sweet Family Portraits version: